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Geometry course based on the Standards of Learning for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Science topics and multimedia, how to incorporate to classrooms

You should have a clear idea of what you want to designm otherwise, it'll result in a real mess.

Importance of the Scientific Method

Gathering basic physics resources

newtonian mechanics, isaac newton, fundamental units, force, physics, failures of classical mechanics, quantum mechanics

A collection of material for students looking into biodiversity issues.

This is a day long lesson that will cover basic skills pertaining to operations and simplification of radicals. The date is June 27th 2011.

reducing radicals, common roots to know, the combing of radicals through oprands

Brainstorm problem solving and then create maps

A problem about calculating the water level of a swimming pool before the earthquake happened.

trig, arab, problem

Earthquake meets swimming pool problem.

word problem