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A Little Bit About Knotebooks

Knotebooks is a unique approach to the open educational resource (OER) movement, providing users with the tools to create, collaborate on and share customized, self-guided physics lessons. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional or self-learner, we think you'll really enjoy being a part of this burgeoning educational community.

Our goal is simple: to make all physics ? from the basics of classical mechanics to the cutting edge research in high-energy topics ? accessible, understandable, interactive and free. As a company, our mission is to expedite access to knowledge and create more effective methods of learning using customizable, student-focused tools.

  • Create self-guided multimedia lessons, study guides and course supplements for college and graduate level physics using a global body of knowledge.
  • Share, collaborate and get help on any topic in physics within a community of academic minds, fully referenced material and peer reviewed content.
  • Custom build a lesson according to your (or your audience's) specific level of knowledge and style of learning for a more fruitful online academic pursuit.

Our Partnerships and Active Projects

In September 2010, we began a two year project with The Center for Accelerator Science and Education (CASE) at Stony Brook University. With generous support from the National Science Foundation ( Award #0942777 ) we'll be creating some really nifty tools to make the undergraduate physics lab experience just a little more fluid and a lot more awesome. Students will be able to conduct an experiment with a real life Tandem Van de Graaff accelerator, then pull in their data, plot their results, and craft and submit the most ninja lab report any professor's ever seen.

In 2001, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched Open Course Ware, a comprehensive initiative to make all of MIT's undergraduate and graduate course material publicly available online. Nine years and 2000+ courses later, they are exploring new and exciting ways to distribute all this high quality content so that learners can maximize their online educational experience. Naturally, we approached MIT with Knotebooks as the next generation of Open Course Ware. Naturally, they were very supportive and have since created an official presence on Knotebooks with a growing list of Open Course Ware materials you can pull into any knotebook.

A Word About Who We Are

Knotebooks was created by Joe Filippazzo and Tom Clark, two ambitious young entrepreneurs with several years of start-up management experience and an impressive repertoire of jokes about wave functions.

Our advisory board includes:

  • Jeff Jarvis is a news and media blogger, the author of What Would Google Do? , a columnist for the Guardian and the director of interactive journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.
  • Upendra Shardanand is an entrepreneur, an investor and the founder and chief executive of Daylife.com, a newsware engine for globally syndicated multimedia.
  • Adam Bly is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Seed, a global media and technology company which publishes Seed Magazine and ScienceBlogs.com.
  • Ed Sussman is the CEO of Buzzr.com, a publishing platform for businesses and individuals to create media-rich Web sites, and the former president of Mansueto Digital, publisher of FastCompany.com and Inc.com.
  • Dr. R. David Bynum is an educator of 27 years and the founding director of CESAME (the Center for Science and Mathematics Education) at Stony Brook University, a organization that provides opportunity, experience and support to students of science and math.

Contact Us

General inquiries, unequivocal accolades or questions about how to get involved can all be directed to our contact email address . On the entirety of the Internet, you will never receive a more prompt response. Please be sure to check our page of frequently asked questions first.

We look forward to hearing from you! Let us know what you think about the site and thanks for checking us out.